"for joyous occasions"
Haimish (or Heymish or Heimish) Music -
(means familiar and cherished melody memories; Feels like home - "homey")

Reader's Choice Best Klezmer Band 2013, 2010 & 2008 - J. Magazine

Traditional & International Instrumental Music for: Simchas, Festivals, Weddings, Parties and Onegs.

Haimish Music provides duos, trios or larger ensembles featuring talented and versatile musicians on reeds, strings and various exotic instruments.
(click photo to play 'Gefilte Fish' excerpt)
click photo to play 'Gefilte Fish' excerpt
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"...the mastery of many instruments, the good judgment and discernment to know when and how to play just the right note or melody, and your musical taste is impeccable.”
- Lawrence W. Raphael, Senior Rabbi
Congregation Sherith Israel, San Francisco
We are proud to be providing the Bay Area with the highest level of musical performances for over 15 years.
With Mikel Estrin & his group of 'multi-instrumentalists' you get more different sounds and styles than with musicians who only play a single instrument.
This brings an exciting variety to the sound the band provides.
“Mikel is a consummate musician, versatile and knowledgeable with many instruments. Most importantly he is a fabulous musician and a mentsch of the highest order. On a number of occasions he has not only played the instrumental music with tremendous proficiency and soul, he has also conducted the band, worked out charts and turned the group into one voice. He is a magician of sorts and I recommend him highly..” - Cantor Rita Glassman, Congregation Sherith Israel
(Mikel is featured on Cantor Glassman's CD "Journey to Shabbat"- available on CD Baby)

Mikel "Moish" Estrin

is a composer, performer, arranger, producer, sound engineer and music director with over 20 years of performance experience on classical, traditional and ethnic instruments including:
frets (like guitar, mandolin, baglama, etc.)
woodwinds (like clarinet, flute, mey, zourna, etc)
percussion (dumbek, def, traps, etc.)
keyboards (synthesizers, organ, harmonium, etc.)
computer assisted sound generation and manipulation. (synths & samples)
Mikel lived in Europe for 10 years, and in California since 1986. He is observant, and is fluent in French & Greek, and can sing in both languages as well as Hebrew & English of course.

Contact: Mikel Estrin PO Box 6212,

Vallejo, California 94591.    

Tel. +1 510-276-6764

Email: mikel@haimishmusic.com

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Mikel "Moish" Estrin's Haimish Music
P.O. Box 6212

Vallejo, CA 94591

Phone: +1-510-276-6764

Email:   moish@haimishmusic.com


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