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Instrumental music from Eastern Europe, Russia, Greece and Macedonia
Dance music from Israel, Greece, Latin America, Hungary & Italy
Popular music from the Jewish Liturgy
Jewish music from the past 200 years...
Song Titles include:
Traditional melodies like:Ose Shalom, Hine Ma Tov, L'Cha Dodi, Chiribim, Od Yishama, Yevarechecha, Utsu Etsa, Husen Kaleh Mazel Tov, Adon Olam, Shalom Chaveyrim,
Klezmer standards like:Ot Azoi, Freyt Aykh Yidelech, Die Mama Hot Mich Geshikt, Mazl, Oy Tate, Die Greene Koseene, Kolomeike, When the Angels Sing, Tsena Tsena
Israeli standards like:Miserlou, Mayim, Zemer Atik, Jerusalem of Gold, Artza Aleinu, Erev Sel Shoshanim, L'Shana Habah, Hatikvah,
International Standards like: Tum Balalaika, Cuando Caliente el Sol (love me with all your heart), Papirossen, Moscow Nights, Never on Sunday, Zorba, Hava Nagila, Tsena, Bei Mir Bis Du Shein, Besame Mucho,
Dance Styles include:Freilach, Hora, Sher, Honga, Beguine, Mambo, Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Chiftetelli, Bossa Nova, Samba, & even theTwist, Kazatska,
Holiday special songs include:L'Shana Tovah, Psalm of David, Ma Otsur, Mishenichnas Adar, Utsu Etsa, Eliahu Hanovi, Chad Gadya, Ha Lachma Anya, Tu Beshvat, Achas Shoalti
(and many, many more)

... and we play requests !

We love playing music that makes people happy, and we don't play too loud. We have sensitivity and high class musicianship. We can provide additional entertainment services and acts if you like.

Please consider Haimish Music for your next event or celebration.
please call (510)276-6880 to ask about special rates for us to play at your next party.

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Haimish Music can be played on many different instruments, and we have a wide selection for your event*:

• Reeds: Flute, piccolo, alto flute, oboe, bassoon, soprano & alto recorders, misc. flutes and whistles, harmonica, zourna, gaida, ocarinas, harmonicas, guimbard (jew's harp)
• Clarinets: Eb Sopranino, Bb Soprano, C Soprano, low G, Eb Alto, Bb Bass
• Saxophones: Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, C Melody, Bb Tenor
• Frets: Mandolin, cumbuc, saz, bouzouki, baglama, soprano & alto ukulele, balalaika, domra, tambura, cavaquinho, dulcimer, banjo
• Guitars: Acoustic, electric and 12 string guitars, MIDI guitar, electric bass, tenor guitar, guitarron
• Strings: Violin, cello (guest artists), contrabass, cembalom
• Fretless: oud, autoharp, samisen, lap steel, fretless Bass guitar,
• Keyboards: accordion, Synthesizers, MIDI keyboards
• Percussion: traditional drum set, MIDI drums, dumbek, hand drums and shakers of all sizes
(* we don't usually bring ALL of these to each event, but you can request which of these instruments you'd like us to play for you.)
a Haimish Trio "caught in the act" September 2005

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